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Ottawa CED Network Membership

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Join an ever-growing network of people who believe that there is a place for people with low incomes, people with disabilities, people with mental health issues, First Nation peoples, youth and other people struggling with poverty and social and economic isolation.

Membership Status

CED PRACTITIONERS are people involved in CED on a variety of levels (volunteer, executive, front line) and in a variety of functions (human resource development, finance, marketing). Examples of CED practitioners include a business advisor in a micro-lending program, the CEO of a housing cooperative and a front-line worker with new immigrants. CED Practitioners have an intimate understanding of the principles of CED and the potential impact of CED as an alternative approach to social and economic development.

MEMBERS are organizations and individuals committed to improving the lives of low-income and marginalized people. Members support local community economic development through the provision of services, credit, financial savings, education and training.

PRACTITIONER MEMBERS and MEMBERS are enthusiastic about expanding the scale and effectiveness of Community Economic Development (CED) in the Ottawa area. CED Practitioners and Members are encouraged to actively participate in the activities of the Network and to contribute to the realization of its mission. Members receive all privileges associated with the Network. Each member (whether an organization or individual) may join the Network's list-serve and receive quarterly newsletters.

ASSOCIATE MEMBERS share the values and objectives of the Ottawa CED Network and wish to support the activities of the Network but are not actively involved in CED. Associate members may receive quarterly newsletters.

Benefits Of Membership

Access to information, expertise and resources about community economic development
Opportunities for CED organizations and individuals to network and partner through community meetings and symposiums

Opportunities to share news, events, projects and employment opportunities through the list-serve

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Membership is free.

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