About The Ottawa CED Network

Our Vision

The vision of the Ottawa Community Economic Development Network (OCEDN) is a thriving, sustainable CED and social enterprise sector in Ottawa that will both generate economic activity and further the community's social goals.

Our Mission

The Ottawa CED Network co-ordinates and leads efforts to raise awareness about CED, to improve access to information, services and resources for CED practioners, and to foster linkages among CED enterprises and other partners.

Our Objectives

  1. Engage community members, decision makers, funders, partners and the business sector to create a supportive environment for CED and the social economy
  2. Facilitate increased communication, co-operation and partnership among CED organizations in Ottawa
  3. Promote implementation of new CED initiatives in Ottawa
  4. Create an infrastructure of technical assistance for CED and social enterprises
  5. Ensure mobilization and engagement of specific population groups (ie. people with disabilities, ethnic minorities, immigrants, women) in CED and the social economy.

Our Activities

  1. Collaborate and partner on research and policy analysis related to community economic development and the social economy.
  2. Identify, develop, support and implement where appropriate, programs and projects that to meet gaps in CED programming in Ottawa.
  3. Partner with and build upon the existing network of CED organizations to advocate for increased support of CED.
  4. Coordinate and organize events, activities, and workshops that will promote, engage and develop all CED organizations, groups, governments, policy makers, funders and partners.

See our Home page for more information about our current programs.

Our Values

The Ottawa CED Network values the following principles:

  1. Delivering impact
  2. Inclusivity
  3. Leadership
  4. Partnership building
  5. Diversity
  1. Strategic thinking
  2. Sustainability
  3. Value-added
  4. Bilingualism

Our Steering Committee

The Steering Committee of the Ottawa CED Network is comprised of CED professionals from various organizations in Ottawa.

George Brown – Ottawa Community Loan Fund
Ken Hoffman, Chair – CED consultant
Denise Leroux –
Elspeth McKay – Operation Go Home
Augusto Paez – Community Member
Amanda Shaughnessy - Coop Voisins
Dianne Urquhart – Social Planning Council of Ottawa